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Problem Statement:

  • Teams are formed around projects – Individual resources are assigned as a percentage to projects. For the majority of ATC, teams do not stay together for long periods of time and are frequently assigned to multiple
  • Technology commitments are not predictable.
  • Work is funded in large batches – Projects have a strong perception of taking 9 to 18 months to fully deliver any working functionality.
  • Delivery teams are too far removed from original business goal.
  • All Stakeholders are not involved early enough in the process- Leads to changes in direction late in the process and Results in re-work and inefficiency.


Pivotal Performance helped to address the core business drivers by increasing speed, flexibility and predictability of the teams by measuring confirming:

  • Teams can coordinate and deliver enough to make a release level
  • Delivery teams are reliably making and meeting commitments
  • Teams are continuously improving lead times.
  • Pivotal Performance Increased Speed and Flexibility by:
    • Delivering the highest value features first
    • Delivering frequent, high quality releases
    • Testing hypotheses quickly, succeeding or failing fast
    • Streamlining the process to deliver more

Become highly predictable by:

  • Creating stable teams that stay together
  • Breaking down work into smaller batches

Pre-requisites to going Agile:

  • Break work down into quarterly increments/2 week sprints/1-2 day tasks
  • The program teams are empowered to make decisions at the release level
  • Maximize co-location of teams
  • Must integrate with the existing governance

During the execution we were:

  • Piloted a full slice of the enterprise agile delivery structure to reduce risk and manage change
  • Monitored metrics for each team at all levels
  • Provided targeted coaching for all teams until they are able to

Self-sustain Execution goal:

  • True collaboration between IT, Product , Operations and PMO
  • Integrated decisions around business need & solution
  • No more throwing over the fence
  • Prioritize most valuable features that can be completed fastest
  • Real-time decisions with TA, BA, Design, Engineers, QA
  • Moving away from Command & Control to Trust & Enablement

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