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Problem Statement:

Cox Automotive employed a mergers and acquisition strategy to grow. As a result, major data consolidation projects needed to occur to align and validate consumer data from www.VinSolutions.com, KBB.com and AutoTrader.com. Additionally, the teams were directed to conduct the consolidation efforts within an agile methodology to allow for more flexibility in delivery of complete solutions to market.


Pivotal Performance helped to address the core business drivers by reviving the ability for IT to be known to deliver for the internal customers of the teams by measuring and confirming:

    • Teams can coordinate and deliver enough to make a release level
    • Delivery teams are reliably making and meeting commitments
    • Teams are continuously improving lead times
    • Pivotal Performance Increased Speed and Flexibility by:
      • Delivering the highest value features first
      • Delivering frequent, high quality releases
      • Testing hypotheses quickly, succeeding or failing fast
      • Streamlining the process to deliver more

Become highly predictable by:

    • Creating stable teams that stay together
    • Breaking down work into smaller batches

Pre-requisites to going Agile:

    • Break work down into quarterly increments/2 week sprints/1-2 day tasks
    • The program teams are empowered to make decisions at the release level
    • Continued co-location of teams

During the execution we were:

  • Working with a dedicated team that we had to teach methodology around agile delivery structure to reduce risk and manage change
  • Monitored metrics for each team at all levels
  • Provided targeted coaching for all teams until they are able to self-sustain

Execution goal:

  • True collaboration between IT, Data Analysis , Operations and PMO
  • Integrated decisions between key business units be made /agreed to in a timely manner
  • Prioritize most valuable features that can be completed fastest
  • Moving away from Command & Control to Trust & Enablement

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