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Problem Statement:

Market and business needs dictate the need to develop new core capabilities in order to achieve this it will require us to refine our program and project management practices resulting in capabilities that will enhance our competitive advantage and position us to hit the multi-billion dollar mark.


Focusing on key business drivers of:

  • Providing level of quality and service customers have come to expect
  • Needing business climate of greater speed and higher quality of deliverables
  • Need to deploy and iterate new and existing products in a timely manner
  • Legislation requiring companies to disclose investments (ex: Sarbanes-Oxlet)

Execution Goals:

  • Business practices ¬≠deliverables will be completed with world class program and project management practices.
  • Organizational Clarity ¬≠ Clear role and cross functional support outlined
  • High-performing culture ¬≠accountable and rewards for the mean and end performance

End State Capabilities:

  • Ability to execute with precision
  • Deliver with speed, quality, and high customer satisfaction
  • Accelerated deployment of products and services

Realization of strategies

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